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  • CrossTrail Mechanical Disc

    CrossTrail Mechanical Disc

    (2018) The key to hitting your fitness goals is to mix things up a bit, as monotony can be the demise of any workout routine, and that's why the Crosstrail with hassle-free Mechanical Disc Brakes comes equipped with everything you need to start exploring on- and off-road.

  • CrossTrail Hydraulic Disc

    CrossTrail Hydraulic Disc

    (2018) When you're at the gym, you use equipment that works for you. Likewise, you need a bike that performs exactly how you need it to—versatile, comfortable, and efficient. You need a bike like our Crosstrail with Hydraulic Disc Brakes.

  • CrossTrail Elite Alloy

    CrossTrail Elite Alloy

    (2018) The most important part of fitness is that you're following a path, not what kind of terrain lies beneath your tires.


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