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  • Fatboy 24

    Fatboy 24

    (2017) So Junior wants to get rad just like Mom and Dad? Well, our Fatboy 24 has your kid's name all over it. It has all the same benefits as our "big kid" Fatboy, only it's built on 24-inch wheels for an ultra-low standover height and kids' size. Fat is fun for the whole family.

  • Fatboy SE

    Fatboy SE

    (2017) If having fun for the sake of having fun sounds appealing to you, "going fat" will change the way you ride forever. The security and control that the wheel system found here on our Fatboy SE provides is unparalleled.

  • Fatboy


    (2017) Going fat isn't just a fun way to ride — it's a ride revolution. The security and control that the wheel system found on our Fatboy provides is unparalleled.

  • Fatboy Comp

    Fatboy Comp

    (2017) Whether you ride through a snowy winter or a sandy summer, you know the havoc that salt can create when it comes to your bike. Even in the best trail conditions, rogue rocks, branches, and well, life in general, can take their toll. For these reasons, it's hard to argue against the merits of...

  • Fatboy Comp Carbon

    Fatboy Comp Carbon

    (2017) Every now and again, we're all faced with going on a diet, and the same is true for our Fatboy.

  • S-Works Fatboy

    S-Works Fatboy

    (2017) What started as "serious fun" has quickly become a serious change to what we want out of bike. The fat revolution is here, and with races becoming more and more prevalent, we knew that our much-heralded Fatboy could stand to go on a diet.


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