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  • Sirrus


    (2017) Fitness is not a fad, and the Sirrus proves you're taking your fitness journey seriously. The Sirrus combines our premium Aluminium frame with a durable component package and easy-to-maintain rim brakes to deliver a comfortable and fast ride.

  • Sirrus Disc INT

    Sirrus Disc INT

    (2017) If your approach to fitness is no-nonsense and straightforward, our Sirrus Disc is for you. It's constructed from a durable, reliable, and light A1 Premium aluminium, and it features a bombproof assortment of components, like mechanical disc brakes and Shimano shifting, that are sure to get...

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  • sirrus sport

    sirrus sport

    (2017) As you push yourself towards your fitness goals, you need a partner that you can count on, and we're happy to say that the Sirrus Sport fits the bill. It's constructed from a durable, reliable, and light A1 Premium aluminium, and it features a bombproof assortment of components that are sure...

  • Sirrus Elite

    Sirrus Elite

    (2017) There's nothing elitist about our Sirrus Elite. In fact, it's designed to help anyone along their path to fitness and health. Need proof? How do a durable, lightweight aluminium frame and a FACT carbon fibre fork sound? If you ask us, it sounds like you found your partner in...

  • Sirrus Comp City

    Sirrus Comp City

    (2017) Our Sirrus Comp City understands that there's more to "value" than a dollar sign. That's why it's purpose-built to give you everything that you need to stay in shape, from a lightweight, corrosion-resistant aluminium frame to powerful hydraulic disc brakes.

  • Sirrus Sport Carbon

    Sirrus Sport Carbon

    (2017) Sure, getting in shape takes hard work and plenty of sweat, but that doesn't mean there's no room for fun, right? Our Sirrus Sport Carbon was designed to liven-up your fitness routine with a host of smart performance features that'll have you smiling as you...

  • Sirrus Comp Carbon

    Sirrus Comp Carbon

    (2017) Your road to fitness is filled with determination and steadfast resolve, so why shouldn't your bike support that? With our Sirrus Comp Carbon, you get all of the performance features that you need to hit your goals head-on, and none of them that you don't. In other words, it provides the...

  • Sirrus Expert Carbon

    Sirrus Expert Carbon

    (2017) We understand that fitness bikes can get a bad wrap. All too often, they err on the side of value over performance, leaving you feeling in between, and frankly, a little burned.


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