Censorship and the Daily News

Daily News

The Daily News is a venerable purveyor of news. The aim is to inform the community. However, because it is a time-crunched medium, its content is prone to censorship. To overcome these problems, the paper has devised a unique format to cater to the needs of its readers.

Newspapers are a purveyor of news

For centuries, newspapers have been the main provider of news to the public. Beginning in the early nineteenth century, newspapers began publishing in a daily format. They remain a main source of first-instance news, but have been affected by competition from other media. While newspapers maintained their position as the primary source of text news for most of the twentieth century, their dominance has declined with the rise of digital and online media.

Unexpected events make news. Many of these events are bad news – accidents, muggings, bribes, bankruptcies, terrorism, and layoffs. Even corporations are always downsizing, and this means that news about those events is in demand.

They are subject to censorship

Daily News publications in China are subject to censorship in several ways. Some are banned because of content that is considered too controversial. Others are blacked out because they don’t conform to a government-approved viewpoint. These restrictions are often accompanied by harassment and visa denials for journalists. Some news organizations also refuse to publish certain letters to the editor or advertiser’s advertisements. Despite these challenges, most news organizations strive to exercise their freedom of the press in an ethical manner.

Censorship has two sets of concerns: one relates to the everyday governance of the community, and the other deals with the permanent reshaping of a people’s character. The latter censorship is generally more political and educational in its approach.