Brotherton Cycles Ltd. Data Protection 2018 Privacy Notice.

Brotherton Cycles Ltd. Data Protection 2018 Privacy Notice.


Brotherton Cycles Ltd. Data Protection 2018 Privacy Notice.

The Data Protection Act 2018 (DPA) requires organisations and businesses’ to be more transparent and accountable to individuals about how it manages and controls their data. This Privacy Notice, sets out how Brotherton Cycles Ltd manages its customer’s data, including who it shares data with and for what purpose it might be used.

Brotherton Cycles Ltd. holds personal information about individuals so that it can enhance consumer experience and provide a more efficient service to its customers. Customer’s data is also stored to support consumers for warranty and service purposes.

Who we may share your information with?

Brotherton Cycles Ltd. will not share or disclose any of its customer’s personal information with any other companies or third parties.


Who may have access to your personal information?          

Brotherton Cycles Ltd. manages and stores your data on electronic systems and software. Those suppliers may have access to the personal data for the purposes of supporting the IT infrastructure only, they will not have access to the information for any other purpose.


Retention Periods                                                                                                                 

Under the DPA individuals have the right to have the information held about them deleted or removed from databases. Brotherton Cycles Ltd. will retain consumer’s personal data for the period that they remain a customer.


Lodging complaints about the handling of data  

Customers have the right to lodge a complaint with the Information Commissioner’s Office if they suspect Brotherton Cycles Ltd. has unlawfully restricted access to their data or if they has refused their request to the erasure of specified data without sufficient grounds. s.51 of the DPA fully outlines the circumstances where such complaints can be made.


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