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  • Ariel Mechanical Disc

    Ariel Mechanical Disc

    (2018) Take your fitness to new, adventurous levels with the Ariel, a bike that'll see you tackling workouts on paved or dirt paths with equal confidence and control.

  • Ariel Hydraulic Disc

    Ariel Hydraulic Disc

    (2018) Safety and control—two things that can be top-of-mind when heading out to get your heart rate up.

  • Ariel Elite

    Ariel Elite

    (2018) You take your fitness journey seriously, and the last thing that you need is to feel restrained by the tools that take you there. That's why our Ariel Elite comes equipped with a suspension fork that houses our Fitness BRAIN technology for fast, efficient, and intuitive use over any...

  • Ariel Elite Carbon

    Ariel Elite Carbon

    (2018)  The most important part of fitness is that you're following a path, not what kind of terrain lies beneath your tyres. So to make sure that you can mix things up between the road and dirt, our Ariel Elite Carbon comes equipped with a suspension fork that has our Fitness Brain technology for...


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