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  • Tutto Grey Frameset

    Tutto Grey Frameset

    (2019) The Tutto is an updated and fine-tuned version of the original MASH Work. Tutto literally means "all" and this is exactly what the Tutto is designed to be a do everything, high-performance urban fixie. The Tutto can quickly morph from messenger bike to crit race bike, to single speed cross machine...

  • Vigorelli Steel Track Black Frameset

    Vigorelli Steel Track Black...

    (2019) The Vigorelli celebrates the return of steel frames in competition riding. Constructed with Columbus Thron tubing and matched with a Columbus Futura carbon fork, the Vigorelli Steel is the first production bike in...

  • Vigorelli Aluminium Frameset

    Vigorelli Aluminium Frameset

    (2019) Named after the iconic Vigorelli velodrome in Milan, Cinelli’s flagship track bike is perfectly balanced thanks to the advanced engineering and varying diameters of the tubing

  • Vigorelli Road Steel Purple Frameset

    Vigorelli Road Steel Purple...

    (2019) The Vigorelli Road has proved to be a huge success due to its versatility and ride quality. It returns for 2019 in a stunning metallic purple with chrome decals and is 1x11 ready.

  • Vigorelli Shark Red Frameset

    Vigorelli Shark Red Frameset

    (2019) Cinelli has always had a strong track cycling pedigree. Their single speed bikes have won some of the most important fixed gear races in the world, the Shark builds on this heritage and experience.


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