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  • CruX Elite

    CruX Elite

    (2019) It's no secret that 'cross doesn't play favorites out on the course—only the strong survive. And when it comes to bikes, this is especially true. That's why our CruX Elite was built to deliver a no-nonsense approach to the discipline of cyclocross.

  • CruX Expert

    CruX Expert

    (2019) When it comes to cyclocross, the CruX Expert has everything you need and nothing that you don't. It features the same World-Championship-winning geometry and carbon layup as its S-Works cousin, so ultra-responsive handling and punchy accelerations are covered.

  • S-Works CruX

    S-Works CruX

    (2019) When we set out to design a new 'cross rig, we didn't just want to make another adventure bike with added tyre clearance—we knew we had to create a purebred racing steed that was fast, confident, lightweight, and rides like no other 'cross bike out there.


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