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  • Epic Hardtail Comp

    Epic Hardtail Comp

    (2019) Cross country courses are nothing like they used to be. Today's tracks have more in common with trail riding than the pancake flat NORBA courses of yesteryear. For this reason, we threw away the hardtail rulebook and drafted our own chapter to create the Epic Hardtail Comp.

  • Epic Hardtail Expert

    Epic Hardtail Expert

    (2019) With all of the growth in full-suspension XC bikes, we found that hardtails were starting to become a little same old, same old. So we thought to ourselves, 'What better time then now to shake things up with a modern, revolutionary design?' Say hello to the Epic Hardtail Expert.

  • S-Works Epic Hardtail

    S-Works Epic Hardtail

    (2019) Call it a healthy disrespect for the status quo, but we were getting bored with hardtail designs. So instead of playing along with a glued-on smile, we opted to turn the cross country world on its head with a bike that's not only the lightest mountain frame we've ever made.


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